Evaluation and marks

The module framework on sunLearn contains the definitive assessment formulas for a given year. Generally,
  • The final mark for the module is taken as the average of the mark for the third term and the fourth term.
  • A final mark of at least 50% is required to pass the module.
  • The module is assessed via flexible assessment. Marks are typically calculated as a weighted average of class tests, tutorials, homework, and practical implementations, or any other opportunity as the lecturer sees fit.
  • All assessment opportunities are compulsory. If a student misses any assessment opportunity and has a valid medical certificate, there will be an extra opportunity (sick test) at the end of the course which will cover all the work of the whole semester. If a student misses an assessment opportunity due to any other reason, the student will receive zero for that opportunity. Note that only 10% of assessment opportunities may be missed, and if more opportunities are missed, the student receives an incomplete for the course.
  • For specific weights of assessments, please see sunLearn.
  • No late handins are allowed. Ever. No extensions. Ever.

Plagiarism policy

Familiarise yourself with the general plagiarism policy of the university. In addition,
  • All submissions must be accompanied by the standard Computer Science plagiarism document (see sunLearn for the latest copy). If you do not submit a plagiarism document, you receive zero for that assignment.
  • Group work is encouraged. This means that you may discuss a problem, but no code or tutorial solutions may be shared.
  • All submissions will be pushed through a plagiarism detection system, checking all the submissions for the assignments, checking the web for existing solutions that were copied, and checking submissions from previous CS345 /CS711year groups.